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Upcoming Events


🌸🍷 Get ready for a year full of unforgettable experiences at our vineyard! 🎉✨ From the vibrant colors of spring to the crisp autumn air, we have a lineup of incredible events that will make your senses come alive. 🌿🥂

🌸 Annual Spring Wine Festival: Celebrate the arrival of spring with our highly anticipated wine festival! Experience a showcase of our finest wines, indulge in delicious food pairings, and immerse yourself in live music that will set the perfect atmosphere. Don't miss this vibrant celebration of the season! 🌼🍇

🍂 Annual Fall Wine Festival: As the leaves turn golden, join us for our enchanting fall wine festival. Sip on our rich and robust wines while enjoying the breathtaking autumn scenery. Immerse yourself in live music, participate in interactive activities, and explore the flavors of the harvest season. 🍁🥂

🎶 Live Music April to October: Every weekend from April to October, we bring you the best musicians and bands to entertain you at our vineyard. Lose yourself in the melodies while savoring your favorite wines and soaking up the idyllic setting. From soulful acoustic sessions to energetic performances, we have something for every music lover. 🎸🌿

🎉 Unscheduled Events: At our vineyard, surprises are just around the corner! Keep an eye on our social media pages and website for unscheduled events that will add a sprinkle of excitement to your visit. From pop-up tastings to impromptu wine pairings, these events are designed to surprise and delight our customers. 🌟🍷

Join us throughout the year for a calendar filled with joy, music, and exceptional wines. Make lasting memories as you raise a glass with friends and family, celebrating the beauty of each season and the world of wine. 🥂✨

To stay up-to-date on all of our event details, like/follow us on social media and sign up for our mailing list when you join our rewards program.    Any questions about our events? Don't hesitate to email or call us!

2024 Events                                                                                                       


10 - Annual Valentine's Celebration 2-5


17 - St Patrick's Day - Shamrock Sips: A St Patrick's Day Wine Celebration



21 - Paint & Sip with Courtney 2-4

27 - Annual Spring Festival 12-6

28 - The Gardners 2-5


19 - Nicolas Rhodes 2-5


2 - The Gardners 2-5


21 - Nicolas Rhodes 2-5


18 - The Gardners 2-5

25 - Justin Moyer 2-5


15 - Nicolas Rhodes 2-5


13 - The Gardners 2-5

6th - Justin Moyer 2-5

21 - Annual Fall Festival

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